Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Useful resources- general

Bumper SPG guide

Hannah Rules & Tools

Useful resources- spelling


Useful resources- proofreading

Improve your First Draft 

Proofreading Guide 

Proofreading mat 

Useful resources- punctuation

Punctuation mat 

Punctuation Summary 

Punctuation Worksheet 

SPEEDing for writing

Connectives Learning Mat

Starting sentences

SPG Websites

How to use a semi-colon


How to use an apostrophe


Grammar Bytes. A really well presented and easy to navigate site.


What to get more technical with grammar? Then this is the place.


I can guarantee that all of you will make at least one of the common errors explored on this site.


A thorough guide to writing paragraphs is offered here


These games make SPG revision much more fun. They’re designed for kids but so what? The best things are! Think: children’s story books (namely, the hungry caterpillar), cereals and sweets (build your own burger).



Most of the problem comes from proofreading skills. Checking your work properly is a MUST and these worksheets  and activities can help.



This is a site containing lessons on the main literacy skills for adults.


This activity on apostrophes is HIGHLY recommended! Go through each of the lesson steps in turn and you’ll be an apostrophe master.


This has every spelling rule and strategy you’ll ever need!



4 thoughts on “Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

  1. Hi Hannah

    I think your bumper guide for spelling etc. is great and want to use it to support some of the less confident tutors who are new to teaching English, I think they could use it with their learners, do you have a copy a this guide that has the answers? This would be very useful.

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